New Age heathenism is ancient Eastern mysticism (primarily Hinduism) clothed in Western secular objectives, with words from both East and West. LOR is New Age heathenism clothed in Adventist religious language and objectives.

As you will see below, the ideas and devices used by LOR to entrap and hold Adventists are nothing more than regular New Age cult methods. For a few moments, let us see what New Age gurus would tell us about various aspect of LOR teaching and capture-and-keep strategy.

1- LOR teaches that certain leaders are MASTERS which the others in the commune must have to guide them aright. In New Age, these are the YOGI.

2- Their special teachings for Adventists would be called their DHARMA, or law, truth, or teaching. These are the essential truths of LOR, and, according to the "law of dharma," must be obeyed by the followers.

3- The lower-level instructors in LOR are the equivalent of the GURU, who instruct the disciples in the way of enlightenment. Their authority is to be implicitly obeyed, but even they are secondary to the "masters."

4- The LOR teaching that the mind is to control the body, with health as a result, is HOLISTIC (sometimes spelled "wholistic"). This is a Hindu teaching that sickness and health is a choice of the mind and has no relation to morality or healthful living.

5-Closely related to HOLISM is the New Age SYNERGY, which, through group training sessions, is the effort to produce "whole making," or the putting together of natural systems into more integrated patterns.

6- The LOR concept of innate perfection of mind and body, merely by thinking it is so, is in New Age called SYNTROPY. This concept teaches that living matter has an inherent drive to automatically perfect itself, if given an opportunity.

7- When LOR induces personality changes, it lays heavy emphasis on ALTERED STATES, such as HYPNOTIC TRANCE in order to accomplish its purpose..

8-By inducing hypnotic states in workers and members, who then carry them out in letter writing to loved ones left behind, etc., recourse is made to HYPNOSIS, which is a state resembling a deep sleep or "trance," but is more active in that the person has some will and feeling but acts according to suggestions given. A variation of this, also used, is a semi-permanent hypnotic state, called a WALKING TRANCE.

9- An important LOR concept concerns what the Hindus call KARMA, or the "law of justice." The accumulation of cause-effect actions in this life determines the level of the follower's  next reincarnation.

10-When LOR tells its followers at Life Supports seminars to close their eyes and visualize something, they are using VISUALIZATION, which is the imaginative seeing of a hoped for state-which they are then to automatically have simply by mentally "seeing" it.

11-The next step up from this is (1) CLAIRVOYANCE, which is mentally "seeing" things at a distance by PSYCHIC means; (2) TELEPATHY, which involves ESP ("extra-sensory perception" of another's mental state or thoughts) and is the silent transfer of thoughts, or communication at a distance; and (3) CLAIRAUDIENCE, which receives voices from unknown sources.

12- When Wayne chases the gophers out of his yard by commanding them to leave, he is using PARANORMAL phenomena that are nonphysical in nature. This is also called PSI, which itself also includes the ESP, TELEPATHY, CLAIRVOYANCE, and several other patterns mentioned elsewhere. He is able to predict the behavior of people and animals through DIVINATION, which is composed of special Eastern methods known only to the "masters." That power which enables Wayne to manipulate and alter natural events in his garden is termed SORCERY by the Eastern Cults. It requires a knowledge and use of MAGIC and performance of MAGIC RITUAL in order to attain its objective. Another New Age term for this is WITCHCRAFT, which is used by WITCHES (women magicians) and WARLOCKS (male magicians). Wayne's gopher chase utilizes these unusual "paranormal" powers, which must be accompanied by the proper "rituals." This requires the study of BOOKS OF MAGIC.

13- When a "master" can induce cause-effects beyond that of the normal, such as inducing instant sanctification and divine sealing, he is a SHAMAN or SPIRITUAL GUIDE, and is using "paranormal" faculties, which only the "yogis" have.

14- LOR rejects the need for Scripture as required sources of enlightenment and instruction for their work. In order to have such a mature set of Eastern teachings and mind control technics, LOR would instead use AKASHIC RECORDS, which are the various guru books of Eastern lore. The New Age considers theme to be the only true source of knowledge. They call them a vast fountain of wisdom and omniscient knowledge.

15-Another primary source for New Agers is ETHER, or UNIVERSAL MIND, which they contact via hypnotic sessions

16- These hypnotic sessions are basic to the successful operation of cults, such as LOR, for through them CHANNELING occurs. This is the process of receiving, through hypnotic states, knowledge from HIGHER POWERS outside of humanity which communicates secret knowledge to it. These " higher powers" include the ASCENDED MASTERS (dead people) who now live on "the other side" of the physical world. Another source is the HIGHER SELF, which is a mysterious wisdom within oneself, which can be tapped for knowledge and power through a CHANNELER or a "yogi." This "higher self'  is also called the OVERSOUL, the SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS, the ATMAN, KRISHNA, BUDDHA, and GOD WITHIN.

17- ASTRAL PROJECTIONS are brief flights into nothingness outside the body for deeper experiences. This is also called ASTRAL and OBE ("out of body experience"). This is done through event recalling, visualization, hypnotic suggestion by the master, and various body contortions such as putting one's head in his lap, or laying on the floor.

18 -A primary objective of LOR, as of all the Eastern cults, is to bring the follower to the highest state of godenlightment, or SAMADHI (also known as SATORI). This is a state of existential intuitive enlightenment. Holding the head low and recalling previous cause-effect events in one's life aids in inducing this "samadhi."

19- Each cult will specialize in certain Eastern practices, while generally using nearly all of them. Important among these are the TANTRAS, which are special YOOA positions, and would include those mentioned above. These "tantras" are designed to more swiftly bring "enlightenment. "

20-"Yoga," itself is important to LOR goals, for it teaches three things: (1) a state of mental vacuuity with a good feeling about it, (2) the loss of self-identity, and (3) absorption of the will into the mind of the SUPERIOR. LOR is doing a fairly good job in providing all three for its disciples.

21- The New Age sees value in using SYNCRETISM for a more rapid attainment of its supernatural goals. This is a dipping into and combining of Hinduism, Buddhism, Yogi, Tao, etc., and then using part of them all (FUSION).

22- New Age thinking is actually a blending of Eastern heathen religion with HUMANISM, which is the concept that man is the measure of all things, and whatever he wills, - he can do. LOR combines both in its teachings; its master teachers have been doing their homework well. But it would have been better if they had remained with the only pure font of truth and wisdom, the Written Word of God. All else is foolishness.

23- The resultant general theory developed out of all this research into atheistic and heathen concepts and rituals is a WORLD VIEW or COSMIC REALITY. The means of attaining it is through the TAO or UNIVERSAL WAY, which through partial or deep hypnotic procedures is transferred through "training sessions" from the masters or the spirits to the disciples. This is done through METAPHYSICS, which is the teaching of Eastern systems of TRANSCENDENT PRINCIPLES. One of the goals of this is the attainment of MONISM, which is a single, unified understanding of the universe.

24- Masters stare at their disciples as well as others - not only to induce "hypnotic states," but also to read their AURA. The "aura" is supposed to be an envelope or field of colored radiation surrounding the body, which only certain people can see. Reading it tells the guru how far along a person is in THE WAY, or path to deepest Eastern knowledge, for it defines his spiritual and psychological condition.

25- MYSTICISM, in the special sense, is finding god by emptying the mind and submitting to the rules of a human superior. This required emptying is important, for it has the effect of eliminating personal principles, held beliefs, and standards from the frontal brain so that spirit-control and the placement of Eastern error can more easily occur. REALITY is attained through SUBJECTIVE EXPERIENCE, INTUITION, and UNIFYING VISIONS. The eventual hoped-for result is NIRVANA, the "slipping of the dewdrop of the soul into the sea of infinity." This comes, in the ultimate sense, at the end of the ceaseless cycles of reincarnation. This is the final reward of the Eastern disciples and would be about the same thing as the Second Death in Revelation 20: the soul is forever gone.

  26- Closely related to the Eastern cult view of cause-effect, is SYNCHRONICITY, which is the study of meaningful coincidences earlier in one's life which may or may not have a cause-effect relationship. The SECRET MASTERS instruct their earthly gurus to provide the disciples with hours of training in CAUSE-EFFECT RECALL and synchronicity. This keeps them all preoccupied while their probationary times slips away into eternity.

27-Christians believe in THEISM, which is the Bible concept of a personal Creator God. But the New Agers, such as Wayne and David, believe that they and everyone else are gods. This could only be true under the Eastern concept known as PANTHEISM, which applies divinity to everyone and everything in the universe.


Now that you have had an opportunity to look at the hodge-podge of Eastern mysticism, transformed by New Age terminology into neopaganism, you might wonder why anyone would want to wander off after LOR in the exploration of such a wasteland of empty thinking.

The lesson to be learned here is that the Lorites began by desiring that which God had not revealed, and by doing that which He had forbidden. No one is to confess his sins to an earthly priest, receive his absolution, or yield the soul to his after-control. But the restless desire to explore the forbidden will always bring ultimate grief and tragedy.

But not only are the disciples of LOR doing it, but thousands of other Westerners are doing the same at similar training sessions. The only difference is in the labels, not in the concepts. That is what you are learning in this section of this multi-tract study into the teachings and methods of LOR.

There are several approaches that the New Age uses in reaching people. Here are four of them: (1) Channeling and direct contact with disembodied spirits. (2) Psychic groups that use physical healing, mind reading, and predictions of future events. (3) Old-fashioned Eastern religious groups, that use only Eastern names and labels. (4) Western-style self-help training groups for businessmen and business organizations. LOR combines mystic data from all four, and initially presents itself under an Adventist-label variation of number 4, but then moves on with its captured disciples into numbers 2 and 1.

Another problem is personality regression. It is known that one of the early stages an infant goes through is an extremely close relationship with its mother, in which she makes a large part of its decisions for it. Analysts of New Age techniques say that the New Age objective is to bring people back to this early level of infancy, in which they will yield almost total control, through a human master, to their spirit director.

As with the Eastern religions, New Age bring seven special experiences to people. In accepting these "gifts," the disciples accept Satanic control of their minds:

(1) A sense of acceptance by a powerful being, either a man or a spirit.

(2) The promise of greater peace, happiness, and power, as well as daily protection.

(3) The concept of merger into another, more powerful personality.

(4) Pictures, words, and directions that will come to the mind as a consequence of following special rituals.

(5) A denial of problems, sin, or anything negative. It isn't there because we say it isn't. In other words, the demon promised a removal of problems, and gives them by requiring denial that the problems exist!

(6) A numbing of sensations, hypnotic trances, and lowering of mental consciousness. This is done by meditation, hypnotic techniques, repetitive chanting of a word or phrase, visualization exercises, and repeating of Eastern scriptures,- especially the Mantras.

(7) Uniting with god or becoming a separate one. This occurs simply be saying it is so, or by the use of prescribed rituals.

Is it easy to get out after having gotten in? Many later try to escape from the spirit control they received from the New Age. The intense mental-control sessions at LOR camp-meetings and advanced training seminars have this in mind; overworked mind-control is done in order to lessen the possibility of a later escape from the group. Frequently the mind becomes so attuned, that it fears to leave lest it leave part of itself behind.

What has happened is that the person has, through the intense mind control sessions, regressed from normal adulthood to that of a dependent child. Some of the disciples will become directly psychotic as a result of what their minds have undergone. They are then quietly thrown out by the group. The only answer to life's problems - or to those caught in the New Age - is Christianity. It alone has the TRUTH, the only truth, regarding all the basic issues of life. Here are several basic concepts taught by Christianity that are directly opposed to the Eastern religions:

1- The only God is the one described in the Inspired Scriptures (the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy). Man is not God and will never be God. Man will never share in four special attributes of God, which are His sovereignty, omnipresence, omniscience, and self-existing eternality.

2-Man is separate from plants and animals and will never be one of them either.

3-As a separate being, he is responsible for his actions - and he is responsible for them directly to His Creator, the God of heaven and earth.

4-Man was created in the image of God, but is capable of leaving Him and choosing evil. For this reason, evil and sin are real and not imaginary.

5-Man can experience various feelings of happiness or anxiety, but throughout them his individuality and personality are not to be obliterated.

6- That which we want we are to obtain through action, in accordance with the requirements of God as given in His Written Word. Our desires are not to be provided through wishes or Eastern concentration.

7-Man must maintain relationships with others, in spite of problems. He is not to run away and become a hermit.

8- Idealization of people or objects is idolatry. Never is man to yield his mind to another created being.

9-Conflict, pain, struggle, problems, and disappointment are a natural part of life. They are to cause us to flee to God for help, and in His strength deal with them in a way that brings the ever-deepening growth of self-control and obedience to God.

10-Man has only one probationary life. There are not endless reincarnations into this present world.


We have noticed that there are several levels of belief in the LOA.

On the FIRST LEVEL we find the inferences that are presented at the initial meeting when their agents try to capture you. These views would run something like this: "We are faithful Seventh-day Adventist believers, holding to all the traditional, historic beliefs. The basis for our faith is the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy, and, as always, we are tonight presenting what we believe from what is found in those books. We have now discovered marvelous new light. If you will but accept it tonight, you can, apart from anything that you do, have total victory over sin. You will be sinless, and have a warmer, close fellowship with other Christians than ever before. You will have sweet joy, peace, and kindly love for all men."

On the SECOND LEVEL we find the teachings that are presented to those that have been captured. They go something like this: "We are god, and you can maintain your victory only by total submission to us. Beware of Bible-Spirit of Prophecy study, and avoid those that would quote them to you. Stay away from Christians; they are dangerous. In fact, be suspicious of everyone. You can only trust your leaders. By the way, report to us on what the other LOA followers in the commune are doing."

On the THIRD LEVEL we find the innermost teachings of the top leaders of LOR. We can know that these are their beliefs (1) because of the New Age sources they are obtaining their ideas from, and (2) because only those sources can unravel and make sense of the strange ideas and methods they use on Levels One and Two. Not even the captured followers learn this third level very quickly. Here it is:

"We are all gods. All people are gods; animals too, and all inanimate nature. We have never sinned and never shall - for there is no sin! There are no sacred scriptures either. We are constantly perfect and constantly progressing in it. We are naturally immortal and eternal. We have had countless reincarnations, and shall have more for all eternity. There is no heaven and no hell. There is no god above us and no devil beneath us.

Hinduism is the best representation of the true religion, and the New Age its best Western expression. As gods, we can crush and kill and it matters not. For there are no standards and no laws. We make our own. What we think, we are. What we do is our reincarnated destiny. We are everywhere and nowhere. We are nothing and everything. We have everything and actually nothing at all. Past, present, and future may or may not exist. There is only one thing to fear and oppose: The God and Scriptures and people of Christianity. It is our work to confuse and capture them, and desolate their families, and then we are doing the work of our secret master, for you see, the deepest concept is the truth; it is the reason we target our operations as we do. It is the truth of the Fourth Level."

On the FOURTH LEVEL we find what, in our opinion, is the real reason why LOR is doing what they are doing - whether or not they realize it: "We are guided by a master power that knows that, underneath all the lies and subterfuge, Christianity, God, the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy, and the Final Judgment against sin and sinners really are genuine! THAT is why we are urged on to ridicule, oppose, and seek to destroy them! If they were nothing we would ignore them entirely, for no one fights against nothing."

The mystery of the FIRST LEVEL is how these men dare claim to be sinless, forgive the confessed sins of others, and offer them sinlessness for eternity by yielding to them. The mystery is answered by the insight of the second level: They believe themselves to be god. .

The mystery of the SECOND LEVEL is how these men can be so non-Christian in their conduct as they seek to capture Christians, destroy their families, and threaten to slay those who might resist them. The mystery is answered by the third level: They are not Christians, but Eastern New Agers.

The mystery of the THIRD LEVEL is why they bother to focus their attention on blotting historic Adventism from the minds of men, and desolating their families, -when their own inner teachings are such a wasteland of Hindu nothingness. The mystery is answered by the fourth level: In our opinion, they are Satanists who have been taught by their master to hate the remnant of the true church in these last days: the commandment -keeping people of Revelation 12:17 and 14:12 that are on the other side of the Great Controversy between Christ and Satan.

Without doubt, we are very close to the end of time.


PRESENT POSITION ON DIVORCE We have just received word that the top leadership In Sandpoint Is backing off from their demand that all their members Immediately file divorce suits. The members who have left their husbands, wives, and children behind may be objecting too strenuously.

But the possibility of extensive legal action over some of these matters against LOR may have caused them to soften on this one position. It is to the best Interests of LOR that it continue to remain as much undercover and out-of-sight as possible. When LOR comes to a new community of Adventists, It Is less likely to succeed if the local Adventists have already been forewarned as to its teachings, methods of operation, and mind and body control of captured Adventists.

LOR ARRIVING INCOGNITO-We have also learned that there are at least two splinter groups which have already split off of LOR that are also beginning to tour around and capture Adventists. These groups have the same basic beliefs as does LOR (sinlessness, I am god, the Holy Spirit as the third Member of the Godhead does not exist, etc.). However, they refuse submission to the leadership of LOR. They are doing the same work and teaching the same things, but separate from LOR.

Again we say, if anyone comes to you claiming to be without sin, or who offers you immediate sinlessness, -flee from the meeting at once! Better yet, do not attend private meetings conducted by individuals that you do not know.

We have also learned that, on two occasions recently, have been held in meetings in local communities to which Adventists were invited to attend. But In each of these instances, one Adventist had already been captured elsewhere-and then invited local Advent believers to attend a group meeting-without telling them that a LOR agent was to speak that night! This thing is getting more dangerous all the time!

What I say to one, l say to all: BEWARE!


Hardly two days go by without those of us here at Pilgrims Rest headquarters learning of another Instance in which a someone has left family and children-or parents-and run off with a LOR agent. Three days ago it was another Adventist wife and mother; this morning it was the elderly mother of several faithful, married Adventists.


A TRACT BOOK ON LOR- We have many pages of additional documentation on the LOR problem. This consists of letters, reports, personal testimonies and experiences, and more besides. Instead of making this present tract set too lengthy, we have held it to six tracts, and will be offering the additional material in a tractbook that you can obtain from us.

This tract book will include the above materials, plus additional Spirit of Prophecy quotations that we did not have space to Include. There will be no essential duplication of the papers, but there will be of the Spirit of Prophecy quotations. The tractbook will include all the quotations found in this tract set, plus about twice again that many more quotations. Even then we have by no means exhausted the subject, yet the quotations will provide you with a springboard for further study on your own. And do study! Study by yourself and study with your loved ones. Write your friends and warn them and encourage them to study also. Studying God's Word Is always profitable, as long as we let the Holy Spirit guide In that study, and as we determine to obey that which we find. The danger Is when we let others do our studying for us, for they may draw their conclusions on the basis of unscriptural assumptions-which we do not immediately perceive until we are caught In a webwork of error. Be afraid of those who would demand that you accept their ideas merely on their authority. God's Written Word must be the highest authority, and those who refuse to let you make your own decisions privately on the basis of Scripture are untrustworthy.

The name of this special tractbook is THE TEACHINGS AND METHODS OF LOR. At this time it has 76 pages, but many more pages are being sent to us that we will include. We are thankful that we can make it available to you. Each tractbook will also include a complete set of these six tracts, and thus forms a complete whole that can be shared with others.