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 Believe His Prophets

 The very last deception of Satan will be to make of none effect the testimony of the Spirit of God. "Where there is no vision, the people perish" (Proverbs 29:18). Satan will work ingeniously, in different ways and through different agencies, to unsettle the confidence of God's remnant people in the true testimony.
1SM 48 (1890).

Last Day Events: Compilation from Manuscripts and Letters of Ellen White PDF

Elder Andreasen Speaks about the Spirit of Prophecy Excerpts transcribed from an actual recorded sermon from 1955. Hear this actual sermon in MP3!

Elfred Lee's Testimony.pdf

Will There Be Another Prophet?   PDF

The Testimonies Slighted. PDF

A Work of Purification Needed: "Letter 55" In its entirety

Waymarks PDF/Time Excitement!

Web Attack on Ellen White Refuted

The Medical Missionary Manual The Spirit of Prophecy Blueprint for this essential end-time work! (Download Entire Book in pdf.)

Seventh-day Adventism The Spirit Behind the Church: A Critique of the Jeremiah Films Video: Bob Pickle. (Off site link)

Counsels on The Celebration Church  First compiled and published in 1990, this counsel is more important for us today than it was even then! 

Identifying the Remnant  Names on church rolls is no criteria for the 'Remnant'

The Spirit of Prophecy & the Cause of Reform: Interesting article by James White

An Adventist Apocalypse  A valuable compilation of statements, many unpublished, on last day events from the writings of Ellen White. Originally compiled by the Drs. Rosenvold we offer it here for your study. This is a PDF file and requires Acrobat reader. You can download this as a PDF file to your own computer.

A Solemn Appeal Although this was written long ago the problems addressed are still very much with us only the settings have changed. The counsel is still of great value for anyone wise enough to recognize its truthfulness.

Looking for Human Help: A Sermon by Ellen White 1901

End of Time Series An Expanded Spirit of Prophecy Study:  We urgently need a clearer understanding of coming events. That knowledge can help protect us from a variety of errors when they are presented. This valuable series contains many rare quotes and even some unpublished material. End of Time Book: PDF E-book download. (Separate PDF booklets available here)

The Editions of 'Great Controversy'  Deals with the many charges now circulating against SOP and especially Great Controversy- Learn the Facts about the writing of this book! You can't afford not to! Editions of 'Great Controversy': PDF E-book download.

M. L. Andreasen Speaks about Ellen White Excerpts transcribed from an actual recorded sermon from 1955. Hear this sermon in MP3!

Coming Judgments Upon the Cities  Should We Live in the Cities?

Destruction of the Cities Predicted

Only One Way that heaven approves! 

Was Ellen White Black? 

The School of Christ: PDF One of the main themes of the Spirit of Prophecy! A study of this subject will change your outlook on salvation! We include 122 of the over 500 references to this subject in Ellen White's messages.

PDF EBook 'Testimonies To Ministers & Gospel Workers': Prophetic writings never go 'out of date'. The words addressed to ancient Israel, also apply fully to us upon whom the ends of the world are come. The counsels written by the Lord's Messenger are even more applicable today than when written! The warnings given and the problems and dangers revealed are a thousand times more needed today!! Eternal consequences are at stake--learn what the Lord's will for ministers and workers really is. 

1285 Words! Will you read them? Will you heed them?

The Israel Dammon Story  

 Seventh-day Adventists and Lawsuits 

  Loma Linda Messages on  Organization

  Controlling Brethren 

 The Secret Instructions

  The 1919 Bible Conference

  The Dence Letter


  A Casket Full of Jewels 

 How God Protected Ellen Whites Writings

 Searching for Changes in the Testimonies 

 Do Not Discard the Bible or Spirit of Prophecy

Do Not Reject the Spirit of Prophecy  

 The Most Important Book Is It Wrong to Give 'Great Controversy' to the Public? A.L. White Research Paper 1938

Secret Writers 1  PDF Did Others Write Her Books? The secret writers theory is fictitious, impossible, and a vicious attack on Ellen White and God.  

Secret Writers 2  PDF

Beginning of the End! What we saw on September 11, the prophet saw 100 years ago!

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