Books and Articles

Lifting the Standards

 "...Cast up, cast up the highway; gather out the stones; lift up a standard for the people." Isaiah 62:10

Modest and Healthful Clothing

Strength in Genuine Humility: a SOP study.pdf

Adventism's Biggest Nemesis

Identifying the Remnant:  Names on church rolls are no criteria for the 'Remnant'

How to Resist Temptation: A Spirit of Prophecy Compilation

Kneeling in Prayer: A Bible & Spirit of Prophecy Study Booklet

Choosing the Best Jewels

1: A Basket of Jewels 

2: Rings and Jewelry 

3: The Adventist Wedding Ring 

4: Illegal: Wedding Ring Ruling 

5: Ringing Down the Standard 

Ministry of Reproof:

Tearing Down the Stop Sign

Beware of Rejecting Truth!

The Church, Walking With the World

Speaking Up: Does it Matter?

Warnings and Reproofs Why They are Desperately Needed; Why They are Not Wanted.

Troublers of Israel  



The Power of Music

The Bible and Christian Rock Music

History of Rock Music

A Glimpse into Gospel Rock

Demon Possession & Music

The Road to the Occult

The Theater and Similar Worldly Amusements 

The Case Against Gambling

Holidays: Are they Christian?

Shocking Facts about Halloween

Where Did Christmas Come From? 

Historians Tell us More about Christmas

Christmas Down Through the Ages

Where Did Easter Come From?

Additional Historical Facts About Easter

Adultery, Divorce:

Immorality in the Ministry: A Spirit of Prophecy Compilation

The warning has been given: About Adulterous Shepherds

Our Historic Standards on Adultery, Divorce and Remarriage

Violation of the Seventh Commandment and Church Relationship

New Adventist No-Fault Divorce

When a pastor remarries

Women's Ministry:

Women's Ordination and the Call to Biblical Fidelity Samuel Koranteng-Pipim

Women as Ministers

The Special Ministries of Men & Women  

The NAD Women Pastors Document