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History: Voices from the Past

An Hour with George Muller The Man of Faith to whom God gave Millions

Augustine and Original Sin

Quotes from Chiniquy

Pius IX The Problem Pope  

Vicarius Filii Dei and the 666

Cracking the Prophetic Code

Battle Over The James Box Israeli Government Desperate to deny the Earliest  Archaeological Evidence of Jesus ever Found!

 Battle Over the James Box: December 2004 Update Desperate Men are Searching for Evidence.  February 2005 Update
2004 Update

The Burial Box of James

Latest on the James Box August 2009 Update.

A Vision of The Lost - William Booth.pdf 

Showdown in Siberia

Lessons from the Titanic

What Happened on Flight 93

The History of Biological Weaponization

The Jews and Jerusalem Series:

(PT-1) Jerusalem still not under Jewish Control
(PT 2) Spirit of Prophecy Statements about Jerusalem after A.D. 70 
(PT 3) Jerusalem and the Mount  
(PT 4) Jerusalem and the Mount
(PT 5) Luke 21:24 - and Other Matters  
(PT 6) Trying To Give Jerusalem To The Vatican
(PT 7) Davidians Frightened the Israeli Government  

The Origin of Jihad: The Legacy of Mohammed   

 A Roman Miracle

 Chronology of the Popes