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Europe’s Islamic Problem  

Europe's Sunday Alliance

China's Population Problem


Gulf Oil Spill.pdf


Number of Priests Decline in RCC.pdf

The Stimulus: a Fraud.pdf

Sunday in Germany.pdf

Buying the Sunday Law.pdf


 End of the McGill Case.pdf


PDF / The Drive for global Unity

PDF/They Shall not Cleave ...

PDF/Just Ahead: the Greatest Crisis

Our Roman Catholic Supreme Court

PDF/Benedict's 2 Basic Objectives also: British Union, Vitamin C, New Source of Diseases

Poised to take over America

The Truth about Stem Cell Research 

All the World is Wondering:


Financial Crisis

Increasing Disasters

An Inventory of World Adventism

The Truth about Terri Schiavo  Legalized Murder in America

Tsunamis: Facts and Warnings


Aug. 2009 A National Sunday Law Could be Enacted by Obama

Sunday Laws in Europe Jan. 09

We Must Warn the World about the Coming National Sunday Law PDF

Sunday Law Update:  April 2008 PDF

The Drive for a National Sunday Law Spring 1998 to Spring 2008 PDF

CCT News: March 2008 PDF

January 2008 Ecumenical Update PDF

Sunday Law Report 07.pdf

Edging Closer to the Sunday Law      PDF

Christian Churches Together             PDF


 The Great Earthquake Are you ready for what's coming?

The Marriage Protection Amendment

Biblically Accurate?? No Way!! A guest article on the 'passion' movie.

A Protestant-Catholic-Governmental Takeover

'Waco, the Big Lie Continues'

 The Adventist Church and Americans United

 Getting Rid of Crop Seed

After September Eleven 

The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act

Human Cloning How far will this go?


Evolution Officially Accepted by Vatican  

The Catholic Church and Celibacy

Will the Vatican Achieve Its Plan for the New World Order?

Vatican anxiously awaits a New Pope

The Presbyterian Church Gay Crisis

Excerpts from John Paul II's Easter Mass:  April 11, 9004

Where America is Headed

Catholic Priests and Homosexuality

Religious Trends in America

Catholic Homosexual Scandals Multiply 

Government Support of the Gay Agenda