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The Defined King James Bible  A New Bible you may wish to obtain!

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The King James Bible and the Modern Versions One of the biggest religious frauds which occurred in church history. The most complete explanation of how it was done. The largest in-depth defense of the King James Bible.

Battle Over the KJV Vindicating the Source of the King James Bible

Frontiers of the Battle Over God's Word

Revelation 22:14

Spiritualizing Scripture

Our Authorized Bible Vindicated  Benjamin G. Wilkinson, PH.D. Entire 1930 Classic! Detailed and scholarly insight into Manuscript History. 

Answers to Objections A scholarly reply to the "REVIEW" of my book "OUR AUTHORIZED BIBLE VINDICATED", B. G. Wilkinson. One of the dark chapters of church history in the twentieth century! How a world renown SDA scholar was discredited and his work discounted publicly and when his irrefutable reply was presented, he was asked "Not to publish it"  while the attackers went right on presenting the refuted attack in SDA colleges and seminaries. You owe it to yourself to know the facts!

The New International Version vs KJV:  

Do not Discard the Bible!

Look what they're doing to the Bible

In defense of Revelation 22:14 

They were Willing to Stay with the Bible 

The Authority of the Inspired Word

The Story of the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls- Fifty Years Later

How to Use Concordances

The Bible in the Critic's Den From out of the past comes an amazing book written in 1917 by a former skeptic, Earle Albert Rowell. Find here the roots of the New Theology that is smothering true faith today in the accounts of the inroads of 'Higher Criticism'!  

David Dare A Bold Challenge to Unbelievers, Atheists, Pagans and Skeptics! Is the Bible only a collection of myths and legends? Can it be proved to be accurate? Thrill to the amazing prophetic accounts in this small masterpiece of a book, written by a man converted from skepticism by the shear weight of evidence!